About the Author

Christine Wallace is a Pacific Northwest author. Her published books include The Pocket Doula,  Prepare to Come About  and Sea of a Thousand Words. She is currently working on a teleplay series entitled Hindsight. Her writing has appeared in the literary journal Clover (vol. 3, 2012, vol. 6, 2014 and vol. 11 2016).

In 2002, Christine founded Gracewinds Perinatal Services, Inc., a nationally multi-award winning business based in in Seattle, Washington. From that business was launched a boutique publishing company called Gracewinds Pocket Books, Inc., a press for maternal and child health-related e-reader publications and mobile app platform.

A mother of five and a grandmother of seven, Christine recently retired as first mate on the 160-foot tall ship schooner Zodiac. She holds a USCG 200-ton ITC captain’s license and lives with her husband aboard a 95-year old ex-British Columbia forestry boat, spending time exploring the waters of the Salish Sea and the Inside Passage as often as possible.

Christine C. Wallace

Christine C. Wallace, Author

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